(PHOTOS) Let’s Take A Look Inside LeBron’s New $21 Million Los Angeles Mansion

When us regular folk buy a new house it’s no big deal. When LeBron buys a new house, it’s a huge deal. Especially when it’s in Los Angeles.


The site Curbed Los Angeles was able to get pictures inside of LeBron’s new pad:

Via Curbed LA


I spent about about 2-3 hours last week searching all of the LA realty sites last week looking for photos inside of his new house and found absolutely nothing. Shoutout to Curbed LA for doing my job for me.

While searching I did come across something that I found strange… maybe I’m showing my home owning ignorance here, but why would LeBron pay $21 million for a house with an estimated worth of $9.7 million? That’s more than double. Am I missing something here?

via Homesnap


Have fun paying those $120K property taxes each year, Bron.

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