Browns-Steelers Monday Game Tape; Last In The League, First In Draft Order

Browns stink.

Let’s look at the game tape:

pitclebox pitclestats


The fans were pumped!

You knew it was going to be a good day when the Browns sent out an Instagram post highlighting Justin Gilbert when Gilbert was inactive.

But once the game started, the Browns came out firing!

Ah, the ol’ get burned and then strip the football and recover play. Works every time!

Johnson Bademosi doesn’t know which way to go

Some putz from Pittsburgh tried to rip Manziel’s head off, should be kicked out of the league forever and sentenced to death imo

Rough game for first round pick Cam Erving

Cam Erving isn’t going to enjoy the film breakdown this week #FuckinCamErving

This is what you get with Johnny Manziel (unfortunately you may get a red zone INT on 4th down as well)

Sick shirts, guys

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.40.16 PM


Annnnnnd we’re 2-8.

Couple quick thoughts

  • If you think about it, the Browns lost this game when they injured Landry Jones, which was the biggest play of the game. The Browns literally lost the game by playing defense too well. That’s a new one.
  • Manziel looked improved and dare I say “good.” 1 TD run that the refs botched and a couple dropped TD passes in the end zone. He’s improving and I won’t have this argument if you think otherwise. Manziel made plays inside of the pocket and outside of the pocket. After a game like yesterday, he was the team’s lone bright spot, and if you can’t admit that just admit you don’t like the guy.
  • The most telling stat of the 2015 Browns season

  • Seems like the coaches may be losing the locker room

  • The coaches played Charles Gaines instead of Justin Gilbert because they “wanted to see” him. How about wanting to see your 2014 #8 draft pick?

  • Dwayne Bowe showed up again
  • Danny Shelton actually did some things. Maybe he’s improving and learning the pro game? Nah, I’d rather judge him by his first 7 games as a rookie in the NFL.
  • A reminder that Manziel threw for 372 yards @ Pittsburgh in his 5th career start.
  • Doing these after a Browns loss is painful so expect something different in the future.

See you for MNF.


Also, #97 from OSU looks pretty good in the Brown and Orange


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