Woman Tweets Pic About Trump’s Rally In Jacksonville But Oops The Pic Was Really Cleveland’s Championship Parade 


OK I don’t care about your political views but this is just fun. Good old fashioned fun. Some batshit crazy lady from Jacksonville probably Google image’d “large crowds” to tweet at Hillary and this pic of the Cavs championship parade showed up. She then sent the photo out to her 6,000+ followers. Simple mistake, who hasn’t mistaken Cleveland for Jacksonville? We’ve all been there.

Good thing no well known websites didn’t fact check this picture and run with it because it was a good pic of a crowd. O wait, hey Breitbart



Maybe the funniest part of this was ol girl doubling down and responding to the people calling her out on the wrong picture by calling them fake Hillary Clinton trolls:


Scrolling through her feed and this might be the most outrageous thing I’ve noticed in all of her tweets. She ends every tweet with “#Tatiana.” I mean, how nuts do you have to be to hashtag your own name at the end of your tweets?  Period. #Bottlegate

Now there’s a part of me that doesn’t believe this is a real person or that she’s just trolling all of us. If in fact we are getting trolled then I give her all of the credit in the world because she got me hook, line, and sinker.#Tatiana 

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