Mishmash- Corey Coleman & Justin Gilbert get into it at camp; Articuno may have been found; OSU best program of all time

Cleveland pic of the day

Corey Coleman and Justin Gilbert got in a little dust up at practice yesterday (via @MaryKayCabot)

I like this move from Coleman AND from Gilbert. The rookie isn’t afraid to mix it up with some of the veterans (I use the term ‘veteran’ loosely when talking about Gilbert) and I like that it seems Justin Gilbert actually gives a shit he just got burned.

Someone may have caught an Articuno in Pokemon GO

Leo snuck up on Jonah Hill and pretended to be the paparazzi


According to the AP, Ohio State is the best college football team of all time 

Joey Votto was not very happy with this Reds fan after he interfered with a foul ball

Good God Aaron Rodgers

A new study says that millennials would rather be on their phones than have sex 


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