VIDEO: Mike Polk Jr. Sees If Chickens Are Better At Drafting Players Than Ray Farmer

OK, chickens! I see you!

Brandin Cooks & Kelvin Benjamin

Anthony Barr & ??

Khalil Mack & Marqise Lee

Sign me up for either of those options.

I always wonder how the Browns would be different if us regular Joes were in charge of making the team’s picks. Everyone on the Internet always thinks they could do a better job of evaluating talent. Truth is, they don’t know the first thing about evaluating players but it makes for a fun discussion. Watching 40 times at the combine and studying every mock draft that comes out between now and the 3rd week in April are staples of being a Browns fan.

If a pea brained chicken can assemble a decent squad, why is it so hard for the people whose job it is to actually know NFL talent?

If the chickens can draft well, why can’t the Farmer?



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