VIDEO: LeBron Sings Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On” During The Cavs-Nuggets Game Last Night

During the Cavs 93-87 victory (which really wasn’t that close) over the Nuggets last night, LeBron let loose a little bit and decided to give us his best impression of Marvin Gaye. Hey, when you’re dropping 34 points and dunking like this, you can sing whatever the hell you want.

I do find it kind of funny that as LeBron settles into his 30s, he’s belting Marvin Gaye. Old man “get off my lawn” Bron makes me laugh.

Let’s rewind to a few years ago, he was rapping a verse from Forever.

31= Marvin Gaye

26= Drake, Kanye, Wayne, and Eminem

Maybe one of my favorite moments during his first stint here.

h/t BSO

Also- This song is still 101 mph fastball fire

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