Quick Food Review: McDonald’s Mac & Cheese And McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks

So if you were following along on the Bottlegate Twitter account last night, you’ll know that I went to my local McDonald’s and tried out a couple new menu items. I totally lucked out, the location on Mayfield Road and 271 is one of the 18 locations in the Cleveland area that sells mac and cheese. I originally went in to get some chicken McNuggets to eat during the Cavs-Nuggets game because apparently that’s a thing that people do. To my delight, the old man in front of me ordered mac and cheese which opened the door for me. I got mac and cheese, 3 mozzarella sticks, and 10 McNuggets.

Oh, and I also stopped at Burger King right before for a Double Whopper. Hey, we only have a few days before our New Years Resolutions, might as well get all the shit food in now.


Mozzarella Sticks


I can honestly say that besides the introduction of Taco Bell’s breakfast, I’ve never been more excited for a fast food item to hit the menu. Sigh. It was a complete letdown. It was like a Browns season- So much hope at the beginning (when you’re ordering), that turns into apprehension (seeing the sticks in real life), that turns into disappointment and regret (after the Baltimore kick-six). The mozz sticks were VERY underwhelming. Small, cold, not a lot of flavor. They were honestly the size of a toddler’s finger, not the size of a good stick from somewhere like Applebee’s. I’m willing to give McD’s the benefit of the doubt that maybe I got a bad batch, but I gave them a 3/10. I’ll try them again but as of right now it’s not looking promising for the Mickey D’s mozzarella sticks.

Final Grade: 3 out of 10

Mac & Cheese


Now for the good stuff. Looks are definitely deceiving. The above picture looks like a bunch of cheese covered in a plastic film. But I don’t know any other way to put it- McDonald’s knocked it outta the damn park with the mac and cheese recipe. Macaroni noodles were soft and melted in your mouth and the cheese was cheesy and delicious. I know it’s probably injected full of hormones, chemicals, preservatives, and steroids, but the shit was still DELICIOUS.

I slept on it and I think I’m ready to officially give McD’s mac and cheese a 9 out of 10. It was surprisingly good and I came away feeling pretty satisfied with my purchase. It gets a 9.5 if they quit serving it in cups made for toddlers and actually give us adults a normal serving size.

Final grade: 9 out of 10

I will definitely be getting more mac and cheese in the future.


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