(VIDEO) Cavs players share their opinions of David Blatt

(h/t /u/Manny-B)

Isn’t that sweet? Tristan, Kyrie, Kevin and Iman taking the time to give their head coach some love during this holiday season. Bunch of class acts, these guys.

Here’s a couple quotes (and translations) from the video:

“His growth and his development has been great.” – Tristan

He didn’t know what he was doing at first but now he does.

“He’s one of our leaders. He’s our coach, our head coach.” – Tristan

We listen to him, but we also listen to LeBron. Oops, I should probably refer to him by his proper title.

“[He] allows you to see your mistakes, make them, grow from them and then keep playing.” – Kyrie

He lets me play for as long as I want. Seriously. I played with a broken knee cap.

“I think Blatt does a good job of taking a step back and never feeling like he has to fake it….He’s willing to hear suggestions [to] try and help himself guide through.” – Iman

Dude knows his role. Who run this motha? Bron. 


Oh, right. I meant Coach Blatt.

“I played for numerous coaches, but for him, he’s even-keel all the time.” – Kyrie

I played for numerous coaches, but…..(screams internally because he was planning on saying he’s the best at something but he can’t because he also played for Coach K)…..he’s pretty chill.

PS you’re my favorite forever, Reddit


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