Southern Ohio butt smuggler gets part of sentence lifted


Chelsey Barry, just happy to be here.


“COLUMBUS, Ohio—A southern Ohio woman can’t be convicted of tampering with evidence after she was caught concealing 56 grams of heroin in her body, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Wednesday

In a unanimous decision, the court found that Chelsey Barry of Chesapeake should not have been convicted of tampering with evidence, as she did not know at the time she hid the drugs that “an official proceeding or investigation is in progress or likely to be instituted.”

In February 2013, Barry – then 19 – was concealing a condom full of heroin in her body when a state trooper pulled her over for erratic driving. Under questioning, Barry admitted she had agreed to transport the heroin, which has a street value of about $7,500, to Huntington, West Virginia.

Barry was sentenced to six years in prison for drug trafficking, drug possession, and conspiracy. But the judge also tacked on an additional three years for tampering with evidence as punishment for her concealment of the drugs.

But in his opinion, Justice Terrence O’Donnell wrote that the additional three-year sentence should be vacated, as there was no evidence that Barry thought it likely that she would be stopped by law enforcement when driving.”

WHEW. What a relief. I’ve always been on the fence about smuggling heroin in my butt cause of the potential of getting charged with evidence tampering if I got caught. Thanks to Chelsey here, my mind is finally at ease.

Also, I’m no officer of the court or anything like that, and I’m not saying I think she should have been charged with evidence tampering in the first place, but the reasoning behind her sentence being lifted seems a little flimsy, no? “There was no evidence that Barry thought it likely that she would be stopped by law enforcement when driving.” Uh, other than the fact that part of the reason she was pulled over in the first place was for a vehicle defect. Also probably crossed her mind when she committed the moving violation she was cited for.

The original court told jurors they should find Barry guilty of evidence tampering only if she knew at the time of her actions she was committing an “unmistakable crime.” Ain’t no gray area when it comes to $7,500 worth of drugs up your butt, guys. Turns out there’s a brown area though.

One thought on “Southern Ohio butt smuggler gets part of sentence lifted”

  1. Well let’s start off by saying you don’t know her at all. So let’s not discuss what was going on in her mind at the time. I can however tell you that she did NOT smuggle the drugs in her butt as your article would like us to believe it was in a different body cavity. Let’s get the facts right first and foremost. The reason her sentence was vacated for tampering. Is because there was no way that she would have known she’d be pulled over and someone would tell on her for having the drugs inside of her. She would t have know. That was going to happen when she decided to insert the drugs. Yes of course it was a possibility she could get pulled over. But she didn’t know for sure that it would happen. Also it wasn’t 56 grams it was over 70 grams. If like to know which cop made a little come up off the missing half ounce!? But she was 19 years old. She wasn’t a drug dealer. She was an addict and you don’t know her story. Smh. It’s sad that people don’t have anything better to do with their time than to make fun of a teenagers for their mistakes. Taking someone’s misery and turning it into your joy is sick. Get a fucking life.


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