ESPN Cleveland Host Jerod Cherry- “If You’re Serious About Winning, You Play Through Concussions

How’s that for an opinion straight out of 1985 for ya? Jerod off the top rope!! Fuck what science tells us, you won’t need your brain when you’re out of the NFL! Manziel, you pussy! If you cared about winning that week 16 game to get to 4-12 you’d be out there battling with your brothers! Who cares if your brain turns to mush when James Harrison blindsides you? It’s not a big deal if you can’t remember your name when Ryan Shazier tackles you. Didn’t you hear? This is FOOTBALL we’re talking about! Nothing else matters. Fucking soft ass millenials always whining about their bullshit.

I don’t care if your brain looks like a soggy bowl of Rice Krispies, it’s 3rd and 7 and we’re in the red zone, get your dazed ass out there.

Who cares if Johnny Manziel is only 23 and has his whole football career in front of him? Thinking long term is for idiots.

CTE? More like CDE as in Concussions Don’t Exist.

Nothing bad ever happens to Cleveland quarterbacks when they play the Steelers!

Thing is, I like Jerod. I like when former players can talk about things in the game of football that the normal everyday slapdick guy doesn’t know about. But this take on concussions is just bad, man. It’s 2015 and having this mindset is just wrong. Football players are a different breed and I understand that, but c’mon. I do respect the commitment to his shitty opinion even in the face of all the criticism he’s going to be receiving.

ALSO- Wikipedia works fast

UPDATE: Jerod is doubling down

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