OU Oh Yeah; Ohio University Tops Playboy’s List As Top Party School Of 2015

Via Playboy


Sorry, Miami University, but OU’s year-round antics are hard to trump. Athens is home to one of the country’s largest Halloween block parties—a drunken fete so epic it attracts such sponsors as the infamous caffeinated alcohol Four Loko. Court Street, which connects the campus to Athens’s dining district, is a barhopper’s dream: The tiny half-mile stretch boasts 18 bars. And thanks to statewide decriminalization of marijuana possession, students frequently toke up at the appropriately named Bong Hill. The debauchery escalates further at #Fest, OU’s take on Electric Daisy Carnival, where students double-fist Solo cups while bouncing to the sounds of Diplo, Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar.


Now I’ve only been to Athens twice in my life (Palmerfest in 2009 and 2010) but in those two experiences I was able to gather that it truly is a magical place. Beautiful girls everywhere, backyard concerts, kegs, beer bongs, friendly people, burning couches in the middle of the street… just the epitome of the classic college town.

One of my biggest regrets is not going to a big state school like OU, OSU, or Miami of Ohio. Sure I loved Mount Union but nothing compares to the big time parties, athletic events, and social scene at the state schools. Some advice for high school seniors: If you aren’t on scholarship and playing NCAA sports, go to one of Ohio’s state universities.

And if you were wondering how the top 10 shook out, here’s how it looks:

Here’s Playboy’s Top 10…
#1 Ohio University
#2 University of Iowa
#3 Florida State University
#4 Tulane University
#5 University of Illinois
#6 University of Texas
#7 Syracuse University
#8 University of Wisconsin
#9 University of Mississippi
#10 University of Michigan

Kind of cool that the state of Ohio plays football better and parties harder than any other state in America.

Cover pic via Joel Bissell Photography

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