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I Tried To Eat 9 Hot Dogs And Drink 9 Beers During A 9 Inning Baseball Game

The 9/9/9 challenge. 9 beers 9 hot dogs 9 innings.

On the surface it doesn’t seem that tough, right? 9 beers over the course of 3 hours? In my sleep. 9 hot dogs? Tough but doable. Combining the two just seems like it wouldn’t be that hard. With the right strategy it could be done. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done.

I’ve seen this challenge floating around Twitter before and recently Barstool mentioned it. Here’s Katie Nolan trying it back when she was with Guyism in 2013:


So last Friday night’s Indians game v the Oakland Athletics would be the day.

I got downtown around 6:30 at my buddy’s place and we’d Uber over to Progressive Field just in time to make it by first pitch because we’d need every second that we could get. If I’m housing 9 beers and 9 dogs I want to make sure I take advantage of the timing aspect of it.

From the beginning I was fucked:

Gridlocked on the way to the game. Cars everywhere. The only good thing was that I was able to catch a few Pokemon in the backseat of the Uber while we were sitting on Euclid.

We’d have to try and get a beer or dog in us as quickly as possible so we stopped at City Tap and caught a quick inning or so there

Official start time for 9/9/9: 7:30 pm

That pic was snapped at 7:31 pm and the first pitch was thrown at 7:10. I was already 20+ minutes behind and I hadn’t even stepped foot in the ballpark yet.

Once we got into the Prog it was full steam ahead and we made a beeline to the dollar hot dog guy who let it be know that there was no limit on number of hot dogs you could buy. This guy was the best.

We (I use we because I was with my friend Will who has actually sometimes occasionally writes a Cavs article for this site) set up shop on a garbage can next to the women’s restroom (sup) and went to town on some dollar dogs. We each put down 4 dogs within the first 10 or so minutes inside of the ballpark.

Here’s where my strategy got messed up. I tried to keep everything equal.

Ex: If I had 4 dogs, I’d try and be on beer #4

5 dogs, 5 beers etc.

In hindsight I don’t think this was the best strategy. After about an hour the hot dogs built up and mixed with the beer and by the 6th inning I felt like I had an anvil in my stomach. I felt like the blobfish. If you’re going to try this at home I suggest getting 6 or 7 hot dogs down right off the bat. That way you can just coast to 9 beers if you keep up a good pace.

1 hour and 10 minutes into the challenge I wasn’t feeling too great.

Needed some motivation. Reached out to the loyal Twitter followers to give me a little push. If the thought of a dead gorilla doesn’t get you juiced up then you, my friend, do not have a pulse.

6 minutes until the final out and this is all I had left:

I poured that Budweiser in a cup and it was gut check time.


I couldn’t get it all down

2 little hot dog nubs stood between me and immortality. God dammit.

The Joey Chestnut method of dipping my hot dogs in the beer proved to be gross and ineffective


A couple things:

  • If I get a full 9 innings (from first pitch to the Indians batting in the bottom of the 9th) I complete this challenge no problem.
  • According to the official game time last Friday night was 2 hours and 59 minutes. Shorter than the 2016 MLB average of 3 hours and 26 seconds. Another thing not working in my favor.
  • I’ll just be honest- Dollar hot dogs taste like they’re worth a dollar.
  • Last Friday I went to the Pizza Hut by my work and had their pizza buffet. TERRIBLE idea. It’s not smart to eat 8 pieces of pizza for lunch when you’re doing an eating challenge later that night. Next time I attempt the 9/9/9 I’ll be on a strict diet leading up to that night’s game.
  • I shoved the last 2 bites of the hot dogs in my mouth right after the 3rd and final out of the game was completed. Unfortunately the judges said this wasn’t allowed.
  • The 2 guys I was with completed it and I was the only one who didn’t so my confidence is a little shook right now.
  • I will be trying this again this season and I will be completing it.





Taking a look at the new Infield District at Progressive Field

The Indians held somewhat of an open house last night to introduce fans to Phase 2 of the Progressive Field renovations that were completed this off-season. It includes new food offerings from over a half dozen local restaurants, a Great Lakes Brewing Company beer garden next to the team shop, a Home Plate Club for select season ticket holders and a big ass new scoreboard.


The event was for any fans who participated in their Tribe Live program last season. I did not, but knowing that a review on Bottlegate dot com can make or break you in this town, the team realized they needed to get us there and bombard us with free food and happy hour priced beer.

So after shameless and incessant begging I finally got my name on the list. We entered through the left field gate, which has new signage outside it (a small thing I noticed – sections throughout the stadium are much more clearly labeled now.) Side note – all gates have special season ticket holder entrances this season.

There’s a new Budweiser beer stand on the home run porch that’ll make the new drink rails in left a viable second option to The Corner:

The first place I saw on my immediate right after walking in was called Build-a-Burger. Putting aside the negative feelings I have for that phrase after my girlfriend in middle school broke up with me before I could give her the Build-a-Bear I made her, I decided to try it.

Build-a-Burger: Pulled pork and slaw on top of a burger patty – B


Solid. Very solid. The burger was a little dry but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that it will be better when they’re made to order during games. The fries were tremendous. Very crispy. BBQ sauce on pulled pork was tasty.

And yeah, I got a Pepsi. I was thirsty. It was delicious. But then I needed to hydrate so I waddled over to the new Great Lakes beer garden.

Love the East 4th lights. Great touch. Place will be poppin’ during the season. I’m seeing a Sharks-Jets type rivalry forming between Corner people and GLBC people. Had my first Rally Drum Red Ale – not bad.

But back to the food. Our next victims were another pulled pork sammich from Throwing Smoke BBQ and a fresh ‘rito from Ohio City Burrito. We took those puppies down in the new Home Plate Club, which is awesome.


The perks of spending 2-4,000 American dollars on season tickets.

Throwing Smoke BBQ: Pulled pork with a jalepeno, actually could have been a pickle, and other stuff I wasn’t really paying attention to because I wanted to get to my burrito: C


Nothing really to write home about here. In hindsight I’m kind of upset I wasted space in my stomach on a ballpark stand instead of one of the local joints (although I did that at Build-a-Burger too but that was actually pretty good). Poor planning on my part. Anyway, the meat was cold which I guess is understandable when you’re making hundreds of samples, and I think there was some mayo type sauce on it which is a big no-no for me.

Ohio City Burrito: Chicken burrito – A


The star of the culinary show if you ask me. First of all, props to the workers at the Ohio City Burrito stand, and all stands really. Big players make big plays no matter what the conditions are outside, and it was a GD wind tunnel on the concourse last night. If you can make me a delicious treat while dodging flying tableware, you’re okay in my book.

The burrito was fantastic. Wrapped well despite the elements, it was a nice clean eat. Burritos are a perfect ballpark food really. Just shove everything you like inside it and use your non beer hand to hold it. Don’t have to worry about toppings falling off like a hot dog. I see quite a few of these in my near future.

Moving to some seats behind home plate now, we decided to grab something from Happy Dog. Little did we know it would become a national story not even an hour later…


Happy Dog: Slider dog (pimento mac and cheese, bacon, fruit loops) – B+

So I’m from Cleveland and I’ve never been to Happy Dog. Sue me. But that made my experience last night that much better. It’s like how jealous I get when someone tells me they’re just starting to watch Breaking Bad. They have no idea how much awesomeness they’re in for, but that ship has already sailed for me. My first experience with a Slider dog last night was WAY better than anyone who has already had one before.

This could easily shoot up to an A during the season. I’m again giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’ll be a little hotter and fresher when it’s made to order. I’ve got a weird thing for pimento cheese after living in Charlotte for a year, everyone loves bacon, and fruit loops reminds me of my childhood. The people who think this dog is stupid can suck it easy.

Oh, because pimento mac and cheese, bacon and fruit loops are trash now? GET LAWST


And that’s all you guys get cause I had Chipotle for lunch like an idiot yesterday and I would have expired right there in the ballpark if I would have consumed one more morsel of food. Closing thoughts:

  • Pictures of the scoreboard really don’t do it justice. This thing is huge.
  • Play-by-play section of the scoreboard – great touch

  • Really looks like a new ballpark with the opening of the concourse wrapping all the way around now
  • Home run porch has the potential to be as wild as The Corner
  • Video ribbon boards and new out of town scoreboard – icing on the cake

4 days.



Quick Food Review: McDonald’s Mac & Cheese And McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks

So if you were following along on the Bottlegate Twitter account last night, you’ll know that I went to my local McDonald’s and tried out a couple new menu items. I totally lucked out, the location on Mayfield Road and 271 is one of the 18 locations in the Cleveland area that sells mac and cheese. I originally went in to get some chicken McNuggets to eat during the Cavs-Nuggets game because apparently that’s a thing that people do. To my delight, the old man in front of me ordered mac and cheese which opened the door for me. I got mac and cheese, 3 mozzarella sticks, and 10 McNuggets.

Oh, and I also stopped at Burger King right before for a Double Whopper. Hey, we only have a few days before our New Years Resolutions, might as well get all the shit food in now.


Mozzarella Sticks


I can honestly say that besides the introduction of Taco Bell’s breakfast, I’ve never been more excited for a fast food item to hit the menu. Sigh. It was a complete letdown. It was like a Browns season- So much hope at the beginning (when you’re ordering), that turns into apprehension (seeing the sticks in real life), that turns into disappointment and regret (after the Baltimore kick-six). The mozz sticks were VERY underwhelming. Small, cold, not a lot of flavor. They were honestly the size of a toddler’s finger, not the size of a good stick from somewhere like Applebee’s. I’m willing to give McD’s the benefit of the doubt that maybe I got a bad batch, but I gave them a 3/10. I’ll try them again but as of right now it’s not looking promising for the Mickey D’s mozzarella sticks.

Final Grade: 3 out of 10

Mac & Cheese


Now for the good stuff. Looks are definitely deceiving. The above picture looks like a bunch of cheese covered in a plastic film. But I don’t know any other way to put it- McDonald’s knocked it outta the damn park with the mac and cheese recipe. Macaroni noodles were soft and melted in your mouth and the cheese was cheesy and delicious. I know it’s probably injected full of hormones, chemicals, preservatives, and steroids, but the shit was still DELICIOUS.

I slept on it and I think I’m ready to officially give McD’s mac and cheese a 9 out of 10. It was surprisingly good and I came away feeling pretty satisfied with my purchase. It gets a 9.5 if they quit serving it in cups made for toddlers and actually give us adults a normal serving size.

Final grade: 9 out of 10

I will definitely be getting more mac and cheese in the future.