Johnny Manziel’s Swan Song featuring Sashi Brown

“Cool your shit, people. We’re gonna cut him as soon as we can.”

And that’ll do it.

Is this the most passive aggressive/refreshing/biggest relief in the history of Cleveland sports press releases? I feel like I just saw an ex girlfriend at a bar and the kid she was with was wearing skinny jeans with holes in them and a beanie and when he took the beanie off his long hair was matted down and gross. I don’t know why I feel this way but I do. We all knew how this was going to end but it’s just a relief to know they’re not gonna Browns this one up.

Makes you wonder if the team knows something about his latest mess that the public doesn’t yet. Seems kind of oddly timed to me. Or possibly they just realized it’s absolutely absurd to have a police force looking for their quarterback with a helicopter and decided to finally cut their losses. Who cares. It’s finally over.

To put it into a metaphor Johnny would understand: the lights are turned on, it’s last call at the bar and the 10 that just turned into a 3 is the flicker of a hope for his NFL career.

Get excited for Mike’s farewell video for #2. Get real excited.

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