Mishmash- This pic of a potato sells for $1 million; Banned strip club Super Bowl commercial; Pizza Hut lobster topping

Cleveland pic of the day


This picture of a POTATO sold for $1 million

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This “banned” Super Bowl commercial for a strip club in New York is actually pretty PG


Jerry Rice poses as a Lyft driver in San Fran and no one notices him


Dog saves its owner from a venomous snake


Pizza Hut is offering pizza with lobster as a topping


Best outdoor hockey rink ever


A timeline of a criminal on meth told by mugshots. This is kind of crazy.

Decline: From left to right, Matthew Medlin's mugshots from 2002, 2007 and 2013. Medlin was so high on meth when cornered by police in a Portland rail yard on Saturday that he topped himself up with another injection

Marked: Medlin's gradual transformation mirrored his career in crime. The left-hand and middle pictures are from 2013; the right-hand picture is from last year


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