(VIDEO) Seth Rollins calls out Cleveland, Johnny Manziel, and LeBron at WWE RAW in Cleveland


Seth you son of a bitch. Although he may have a point on Johnny never winning a championship here, the insult “Johnny Idiot-face” is some of the lamest trash talk I’ve ever heard. C’mon Seth, “idiot-face?” You probably had all day to practice your opening monologue and you chose “idiot face” as your go to burn? Every wrestler of the Attitude Era is turning over in their grave knowing wrestlers today are tossing around that kind of PG slander on the mic. Can you imagine The Rock or Stone Cold dropping a “Johnny Idiot-face” on a Cleveland crowd back in wrestling’s heyday? No chance. Johnny should’ve jumped up out of his seat and hit Seth with an F5. Now the pop after that would have been historic.

I give it a solid B-

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