LeBron: “I feel confident because I’m the best player in the world. Simple.”

Needed that this morning. “Oh, LeBron how are you going to move forward against this Golden State Warriors team who get every foul call and have already been crowned the “greatest team of all time?”

“Ummm, I’m the best player in the world, never count me out, and this series shows that you idiots.”

There’s only a couple people in their respective profession who can say they’re the “best in the world” and not be questioned. LeBron James is one of them.

Let’s see how things shake out on Tuesday. I’m still confident as hell in this team and still think they win the series. Now we would have all preferred the Cavs closing out this series at home tomorrow but that’s not the case anymore. Tomorrow is obviously a must win and I feel great about it because we have that guy on our team. The Warriors defended their homecourt and now we have to defend ours. Simple as that. Tie this baby up at 3-3 and then ANYTHING can happen in a game 7.

Cavs in 7.

Also. Draymond Green’s mom blocked me on Twitter because I called her son a mouth breather.

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Welcome to 2015.

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