How Do You Work Out? Terrelle Pryor Rides Hoverboards & Catches Footballs

TP posted this video to his Instagram yesterday:

Well. Welcome to 2016. We’ve got insanely advanced workouts and diet plans at our fingertips but sometimes we’ve just gotta go old school, hop on the ol’ hoverboard, and start snagging some pigskins. Screw running routes or doing some squats, those are for lames, It’s all about hoverboards nowadays.

I still think Pryor has a chance to do something in this league as a receiver with a full offseason under his belt. You know Hue Jackson likes those tall receivers, maybe he’ll take a chance on TP.


It’s a shame we had to wait until the last game of the season to see this:

Here are some other #PryorPorn workout videos he’s posted this offseason

Still got an arm too


One thought on “How Do You Work Out? Terrelle Pryor Rides Hoverboards & Catches Footballs”

  1. I’d like Hue to use Pryor in some role. I noticed that he was throwing the ball. Hue drafted Pryor as a QB in 2011 and had him in the Bengals camp. It’s looking increasingly likely that Manziel is on the way out. Based on what the Bengals roster looks like now, I’d want to think that Pryor should be the QB. Things surrounding Pryor often make little sense to me, though, so thats not a prediction.

    Apart from that, Pryor is working hard at WR as well, and with Pryor on the roster, Hue has Pryor as a QB, as a WR, or as both, or as both plus more. Hue likes to innovate and Pryor is as good a player you can find in the NFL to innovate with. Any skill position – 230+ pounds 4.38 40 6’4 and add throwing.


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