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LeBron Has Gotta Stop Posting Motivational Workout Videos On Sunday Afternoons

Alright, LeBron. We get it. You work out. You’re better than us and we stink. Sure some of us may have have just woken up from a 2 hour mid day nap because we stayed up to watch the UFC fights then went to Dive Bar and stayed up till 4 am drinking beer and eating pizza… but gosh, you don’t need to rub it in our faces. Sundays are a day of rest and should be treated as such. Besides, dude, you’re like 31 years old. Go spend your Sundays on a recliner watching Chopped or something. Rest that body. Playoffs don’t start till April 16th anyway.

Time to heat up some leftover pizza. Strive for greatness, indeed.

PS- Even Damon Jones is like “Dude, relax.”


LeBron Is In Miami Working Out With Dwyane Wade. Kinda Weird, Right?


I’ll preface this by saying no I don’t believe this is a big deal. But you’ve gotta admit it’s just a little head scratching, right?

On top of working out with Wade in Miami this morning, this is the tweet he sent out yesterday:

The Cavs are a fragile team so why ruffle feathers by subtweeting your current teammates (probably) and working out with a former teammate that you won 2 championships with?

When is the last time we’ve heard about a player in the middle of the season taking time off to go work out with an opponent? I mean, weren’t these two just together 2 weeks ago in Toronto for All Star Weekend?

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#BrotherHood #Forever

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And didn’t LeBron just take a vacation after the All Star game?

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We know LeBron and know that usually every move he makes is calculated. So why send out that weird cryptic tweet last night while he was in Miami? Of course people are going to talk about it and he knows it.

The Cavs clearly have chemistry issues and clearly there’s no better way to solve them than by subtweets and South Beach workouts, I guess

Maybe this was supposed to motivate his teammates? I don’t know, man but I know it’s weird.




*looks out window and sees it snowing sideways*

Ah, I get it now

It’s probably nothing

The playoffs really need to get here


How Do You Work Out? Terrelle Pryor Rides Hoverboards & Catches Footballs

TP posted this video to his Instagram yesterday:

Finding different ways to focus on the ball core and stability ! #STR2VE @fsq_sports @t_cortazzo

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Well. Welcome to 2016. We’ve got insanely advanced workouts and diet plans at our fingertips but sometimes we’ve just gotta go old school, hop on the ol’ hoverboard, and start snagging some pigskins. Screw running routes or doing some squats, those are for lames, It’s all about hoverboards nowadays.

I still think Pryor has a chance to do something in this league as a receiver with a full offseason under his belt. You know Hue Jackson likes those tall receivers, maybe he’ll take a chance on TP.


It’s a shame we had to wait until the last game of the season to see this:

Here are some other #PryorPorn workout videos he’s posted this offseason

Sat work with @fsq_sports @t_cortazzo

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Morning work @fsq_sports @t_cortazzo @c_rasky

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Still got an arm too

Two glove teddy bridge out here today. First time throwing after Wide out drills Super rusty!! But fun! @t_cortazzo

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Got that strap arm still !

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