LeBron Has Gotta Stop Posting Motivational Workout Videos On Sunday Afternoons

Alright, LeBron. We get it. You work out. You’re better than us and we stink. Sure some of us may have have just woken up from a 2 hour mid day nap because we stayed up to watch the UFC fights then went to Dive Bar and stayed up till 4 am drinking beer and eating pizza… but gosh, you don’t need to rub it in our faces. Sundays are a day of rest and should be treated as such. Besides, dude, you’re like 31 years old. Go spend your Sundays on a recliner watching Chopped or something. Rest that body. Playoffs don’t start till April 16th anyway.

Time to heat up some leftover pizza. Strive for greatness, indeed.

PS- Even Damon Jones is like “Dude, relax.”


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