Jason Kipnis unknowingly bumped into Ken Griffey Jr. in Seattle, got called for the charge

Oh no, Kip.

I don’t even care who your favorite team or player was as a kid…if you grew up in the 90s as a baseball fan, missing an opportunity to meet Junior because you got called for the offensive foul is soul crushing.

Set your feet, kids. Set your feet.

Who are we thinking the teammates were, standing behind him pointing and laughing? Frankie has gotta be a heavy favorite since there’s laughing involved and him and Kip are best friends in my brain. Naquin too, because he did grow up in the 90s and its just basic science that every left handed outfielder ages 20-30 wanted to be Junior at some point. And probably Juan Uribe, pretty sure he’d recognize The Kid from when he used to babysit him.


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