Mishmash- Flight has to land because 4 idiots get into a fight; Squirrels on the field; Travis Kelce 

Cleveland pic of the day

The Packers and Colts got interrupted by an agile squirrel running on the field

Travis Kelce got tossed from the game because he threw his towel at a ref after the ref blew a call in the end zone

McDonald’s will be doing mobile ordering soon

Cam Erving had another Cam Erving highlight this weekend

Some losers fought in the middle of a plane while it was in the air and the plane had to make an emergency landing. Lock these people up forever.

Paul George kicked the ball in the stands and it hit a fan in the face

He hurdled 2 guys and traveled like 15 feet. Good lord.

This is the best onside kick ever

90’s song of the day

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