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I am SO IN on the Booty N Pizza movement

Now THAT is how you market! Take 2 products that people love (in this case butts and delicious pizza) combine them together and VOILA, you have an instant cash cow and basically the best product ever. Do these guys need a spokesman? I’m a pretty big fan of butts but I’m and even bigger fan of a nice pepperoni pie. I think I’d be perfect for the role. I only have one question though- What does “Booty N Pizza” entail? This pic was taken in Lakewood, is it a new pizza shop there? Is this a band? A store? What’s the product they’re trying to sell? Is it a pizza delivery service with a prostitution ring on the side? Is this real life Big Sausage Pizza? I demand to get to the bottom of this. If I’m gonna be the face of Booty N Pizza I have to know what I’m the face of.

I did some digging.. and well, I’m SO OUT of the Booty N Pizza movement

I wan’t nothing to do with that. Booty N Pizza, you can find a new spokesman.