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Watch Danny Shelton Absolutely Emasculate A Buffalo Bills Lineman During A Drill


#SheltonPorn, anyone?

Now I’m admittedly not the best person to ask about the ins and outs of the offensive and defensive lines… but I do know that when you overpower and push your man 7 yards backwards like Michael Oher did to that shitty high school lineman in The Blind Side, then you’re doing a pretty good job. I think Danny is going to fit in with this defense just fine.

If Shelton can consistently push offensive linemen backwards and disrupt the backfield, then this defense has a chance to be pretty formidable. Imagine Karlos Dansby or Donte Whitner running downhill to make a hit in the lane that Shelton’s bullrush just created. Just by occupying space, taking on double teams, and moving people backwards, Shelton can free up our Backers to make tons of plays at or behind the line of scrimmage. Karlos Dansby may literally end up with 500 tackles for loss this season.

From ClevelandBrowns.com

It wasn’t just one play Tuesday against the Bills where Shelton stood out. It was nearly all of them. He’s powerful, relentless and finishes every play. Shelton is all over the field, he’s loud and even when Buffalo started catching on to how strong and fast he was, he didn’t relent.  

Shelton’s rise could be one of the biggest developments for the Browns going into the regular season. He hasn’t played like a rookie and sets up other teammates to make plays.

“I definitely wanted to play more violently,” Shelton said. “That’s something that I practiced these past two days. I feel more prepared now. I feel more prepared for my second game.”

In other words, #PrayForTheAFCNorth

Browns v Bills Monday Game Tape


Let’s look at the game tape.




Before the game things got so so weird at some Browns fans’ tailgate


And there were Bills fans dressed up as large mammals

Cool scene here as Jim Kelly greeted the Bills on the field wearing a Darryl Talley jersey

(Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports)

The first half was gross. Nothing worthwhile happened in the first half aside from a Billy Cundiff field and a Billy Cundiff missed field goal. The only thing I pray is that a game down the road doesn’t rest on Billy’s right leg. I have more confidence in Phil Taylor kicking field goals right now and Phil Taylor is in a wheelchair.

The third quarter…. oh, the third quarter. This is where things started getting bad.

It started off well when Haden put another interception notch on his belt. But then a couple bad plays and a Hoyer sack gave the ball right back to the Bills and we weren’t able to capitalize on it…

Right after the Bills scored their first TD, things went from 0-100 real quick and Terrance West fumbled; Jerry Hughes picked it up; and the Bills sealed the game. Turning point right here.

Hoyer’s day ended after he threw his second interception of the day. Insert some guy named Johnny.

Johnny hit Josh Gordon over the middle for a nice gain

A couple plays later he did this

If you wanna win, let Johnny spin

Which left all of the households in Cleveland with a pretty hefty cleaning bill

Sidenote: I ripped my pants after he scored. Literally. My pants got ripped after Johnny Manziel scored his first NFL touchdown.

And then Will Burge constructed the tweet of the year calling out the hypocrisy of all the JFF detractors

My old college roommate and Bottlegate contributor locked eyes with Johnny as he celebrated (that’s him to the left of Johnny’s helmet) #BottlegateWorldwide?

On Johnny’s second drive, he got an early snap, tried to pick the ball up and throw it and was promptly decapitated and killed.

And the internet did internet things and Johnny was immortalized into a meme


Meet Bottlegate’s new #1 enemy

The game ended and Kyle Orton decided to throw in a dip on the sidelines. This vine we posted went viral and broke the internet, NBD

Couple quick thoughts:

What was up with Joe Thomas? 3 holding calls? Could have been called for a lot more too.

How late is too late when it comes to signing a new kicker? I don’t trust Billy Cundiff over 35 yards.

Hoyer and Gordon weren’t on the same page all game. I don’t know whose fault that is but apparently the coaches thought it was Brian’s.

I like Brian Hoyer, I really do… But 9 interceptions and 4 touchdowns since the Steelers win isn’t going to cut it. If Hoyer didn’t have the whole “hometown kid” thing going on, I think there’d be a unanimous clamoring for Manziel.

Speaking of Manziel, that was fun, wasn’t it? There’s just a certain excitement when he takes a snap. I wasn’t crazy about him being inserted vs. that defensive front but he looked pretty comfortable directing the offense (sidenote: Merrill Hoge is a jackass). If the Browns hand the reigns to Johnny, I think I’m comfortable with it. We need to get something out of the QB.

I thought the defense played their asses off. Buffalo’s longest run from scrimmage was 8 yards. You’d think that’d be enough to win a game.

Jim Leonhard impressed me. He played solid just as he was expected to do. He’s a “pro’s pro”

How about Joe Haden? Interceptions in 3 straight games; a blocked field goal in this one; and he held Sammy Watkins to 14 yards receiving. Joe is playing at a Pro Bowl level.

Speaking of Pro Bowl, does anyone really stand out as a lock to make the Pro Bowl besides Joe Thomas? If he wasn’t injured I’d say Tashaun Gipson. Joel Bitonio? Haden?

Gotta be encouraged by the youth of our playermakers on offense- Manziel, Crowell, West, Gordon, Gabriel. The future seems bright.

I wish Marqueis Gray was still on the Browns.

At least most of the other AFC North teams lost?

Random thought but I question the decision to run a screen with Jim Dray. I know we gained positive yardage but why not try that with one of our backs or Andrew Hawkins?

I miss you, Jordan.

PS- if you needed to feel worse about the loss, this is the quarterback that beat us.