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Cavs v Bulls Wednesday Game Tape; One more. Just one more.

No one ever said it was going to be easy. After blowing a huge fourth quarter lead the Cavs were able to hang on and beat the Bulls 106-101. LeBron had 38, 12 & 6 and ZERO TURNOVERS; Kyrie added 25 playing on 1/2 of a leg; Shumpert and JR combined for 25 points; Tristan Thompson did his thing on the offensive glass per usual; Taj Gibson cried; and Delly clamped down the most vicious leg lock that’s ever been seen on this side of the Mississippi

One more. All we need is one more.

Let’s look at the game tape

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Remember when Joakim Noah had the most basic 2 handed dunk ever and acted like it was a between the legs windmill tomahawk slam? Good times. God I hate his face.

Tristan got conked right in the noggin and then D-Rose picked up the ball and scooped it in. Poor TT.

Joe Thomas made an appearance and was looking dapper as fuck

And he went HAM when he was pumping up the crowd

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times- NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is funnier than when Joakim Noah has a basketball in his hands

It’s laughable that teams haven’t learned to not foul LeBron when he does this


#CrewLove and skinny pants

This shit right here gave me flashbacks to game 3 and the Bulls hitting lucky ass shots

Man, I love Delly. Just buzzes and buzzes around your face like a mosquito until you’re forced to swat (kick) at him.

Good job, Matty! You old sailor you!

Taj got ejected and some Cleveland hero decided to toss him a very meaningful and heartfelt parting gift

I specifically screamed “NOOOOOOYESSSSSSS!!!!” after this shot. If he starts making threes on a consistent basis (big IF right now) it’s going to be dangerous

LeBron Chasedown: Activated

Cavs win. *Exhale*

Couple quick thoughts:

– Kyrie Irving is a god damn warrior. Playing on 2 nub legs and he’s still able to drop 25 AND outplay Derrick Rose. Unreal, man. The guy has balls of steel. I’ve gained A TON of respect for Kyrie the more this series has gone on.

– Chuck Booms being on Twitter and being unfiltered is just the absolute best (this tweet was comparing Nikola Mirotic and King Leonidas.

He kinda nailed it too tbh

– Posted this pic last night and people WERE NOT a fan of these two kids. The Twitter followers spewed lots of venom their way. Consider this a life lesson to little Timmy and Tommy- When you grow up people will hate your guts if you’re a bandwagon fan.


– If I’m a Bulls fan it really chaps my ass to see Kyrie Irving out there lighting it up on a half a leg while Pau Gasol sits on the bench in street clothes because he has a tight hammy. Pau, it’s the playoffs, everyone is hurt.

– Jimmy Butler hitting 3 point shots with under 1 minute in the fourth quarter will haunt me for years to come.

-Mike’s hot take gameplan to win game 6 in Chicago: Limit the open shots taken by Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler and Mike fucking Dunleavy. Think I just earned myself a spot on the Cavs coaching staff.

– LeBron and I had the same exact reaction when we found out that he had zero turnovers last night

– How about Taj Gibson bitching because he got one of those rally towels thrown at him after he was ejected. A TOWEL. #PrayForTaj

-If you compare Delly’s little leg clamp to Kelly Olynyk maliciously ripping Kevin Love’s shoulder off of his body then you’re a god damn moron. Oh weird, that’s exactly what Mike Dunleavy did.

– It’d be great if the Cavs can close out this series on Thursday. This team needs all the rest and recovery they can get.

– Sucks that LeBron isn’t as explosive as he used to be.

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– I’ve officially transferred all my hate from Joakim Noah into Mike Dunleavy. Joakim is so irrelevant right now it just makes no sense to put that much effort into despising him.

See you guys on Thursday.

Cavs in 6.

Watch LeBron tell Kyrie to “Get your limping ass over here” after tonight’s Cavs win

Huuuuuge game out of Kyrie tonight. 25 points on 2 nub legs is nothing to sneeze about. The dude was in visible pain throughout the game and he toughed it out. Biggest balls on the court bar none. Man tonight feels good. We’ll have more tomorrow in the Wednesday Game Tape.

Huge win. Huge huge win.

Don’t forget to snag one



h/t @Kyrie_SIrving for the video