Phil Taylor is not a fan of 92.3 The Fan; Challenges Chuck Booms to a boxing match in the Muni Lot

Quick backstory: On 92.3 The Fan the boys on Kiley and Booms started discussing some of the Instagram pictures Phil Taylor has posted recently. Chuck Booms started complaining that he didn’t like Phil posting pictures of him hunting & his guns on Instagram. Because that’s what Browns fans need to be worried about; one of our better defensive players going on hunting trips.

A couple of the pics in question:

View this post on Instagram

Ready for this hunt in the AM!!

A post shared by Phil Taylor (@philtaylor98) on


Chuck then went on to say that the NFL should punish Phil for his pictures because it creates a bad image and the hosts then went as far as to compare Phil’s Instagram posts to Aaron Hernandez. (I don’t know the exact quotes but if someone could get it that’d be appreciated)

Someone alerted Phil of what was being said and as you can imagine he didn’t take very kindly to those words






My take: Can you agree with both sides? I get the point Booms was trying to make in that in light of everything that’s going on with the Aaron Hernandez trial that it might not be the wisest decision to post gun pictures on social media. I personally don’t have a problem if someone is a responsible gun owner and posts a picture, but can see how someone might take that the wrong way. Making even the slightest reference to Aaron Hernandez when talking about an Instagram picture is just unconscionably stupid though. To even bring up a murderers name when discussing an INSTAGRAM picture is mind boggling.

As for the hunting pictures, I have no issue with them. Professional athletes hunt and post pictures of their kill all the time. Remember when Adam LaRoche posted this picture after he killed this beast?

Or this picture of a mountain lion?

Just because a player is a professional athlete doesn’t mean he or she can’t post pictures of themselves hunting. People hunt. It’s a hobby. There’s a billion other things to worry about in regards to your hometown sports team, this isn’t one of them.

All I know is I bet the Browns public relations team isn’t too excited right about now. My guess is that a defensive lineman challenging a 50-something morning drive radio host to a fight isn’t exactly good for business. I applaud Phil for standing up for himself in that regard though.

As for the boxing match how much do you think tickets would cost? Because I’d pay infinity dollars to see Phil Taylor and Chuck Booms square off inside of a ring in the Muni Lot. Who needs the UFC to come to Cleveland when we could have that entertainment.

Go Browns

One thought on “Phil Taylor is not a fan of 92.3 The Fan; Challenges Chuck Booms to a boxing match in the Muni Lot”

  1. Dear Phil,
    Please, please, please put Chuck Booms out of our misery. He is a sad, angry man. I hear he gained his local fame originally as a comedian, but is the least funny person I’ve heard on the radio…


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