Terrelle Pryor will be learning from and training with Randy Moss this summer

From USA Today

Terrelle Pryor doesn’t need to look very far for guidance in his new career as a receiver.

He didn’t have to waste much time, either. He was in Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown was around, so, after being released by the Cincinnati Bengals June 18, he gave Brown a call.

Now, he’s a receiver, having signed with the Cleveland Browns.

Tribune Review reporter Kevin Gorman wrote Saturday Pryor made the decision to try a different position, one he didn’t play in the collegiate or professional level, and will work out with Brown as well as former NFL receiver Randy Moss in an effort to make the Browns roster.

Some encouraging news this weekend coming out saying that Terrelle Pryor will be working with Antonio Brown and Randy Moss before training camp begins for the Browns.

Randy Moss? Is that good? Was he good? Did I break it? Moss could run fades, right?

Looks like someone else can run a fade and deep post too.


Now does TP working with Moss automatically mean he’ll become a good wide receiver overnight? No. Absolutely not. It’s a good sign though. Moss can teach TP the intricacies of the position and how to use his tall frame and long strides to become an effective receiver. If Pryor even becomes 1/4 of the receiver Moss was, it’ll be a success.

(if you haven’t noticed, we’re driving this Terrelle Pryor bandwagon HARD. Is it dumb? Yes. But why not? Compared to last year, this offseason has been a total snoozefest)

2 thoughts on “Terrelle Pryor will be learning from and training with Randy Moss this summer”

  1. “He knows he can play football, even if it’s not at quarterback.”

    I wish Pryor much luck at his new position and hope he actually makes this team.

    But it is so damn infuriating to hear analysts, columnists, arm-chair fans, and media talking heads repeat this phrase ad nauseam: “Pryor wasn’t good enough to be an NFL QB”, yet they can’t (or maybe they refuse to) explain how in the hell Jimmy Clausen, Charlie Whitehurst, Bruce Gradkowski, Josh McCown (worthless outside of Marc Trestman’s offense), Blaine Gabbert, Matt Simms, Matt Flynn (worthless outside of Green Bay and McCarthy’s offense, outperformed by Pryor in Oakland), Ryan Lindley, Rex Grossman, Drew Stanton, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Luke McCown, Dan Orlovsky, Jordan Palmer and COUNTLESS OTHERS managed to carve out careers in the NFL solely at the QB position???

    They were never asked to “learn another position” to stick around in the NFL.

    And if you try and say they were all drafted to be backups:
    Clausen (2nd round in 2010),
    Josh McCown (3rd round 2002),
    Gabbert (1st round 2011), even the now defunct Pro Football Weekly had him listed as the best QB in the 2011 draft, thanks Nolan Naworcki and Hub Arkush.
    Grossman (1st round pick 2003),
    Quinn (1st round pick 2007, even after his dismal performance vs LSU in the Sugar Bowl in 2007),
    and Stanton (2nd round 2007) were all DRAFTED TO BE IMMEDIATE OR EVENTUAL STARTERS for their teams.

    Even after they flopped, they stayed around for several years collecting checks as a backup at the QB position. They weren’t told to learn a new position to stay in the league. The roster spots they occupied could have/should have went to better players.

    So this notion that Pryor was given “multiple chances at the QB position” or that this is the end of the line for him, is mind boggling.
    Please, someone out there, tell me what upside can Ryan Lindley or a Jimmy Clausen possibly present at the QB position that justifies them staying on roster spots while Terrelle Pryor gets the run around?

    And if people are worried about Pryor’s work ethic:


    1. You insinuate that it is a race issue. The NFL is a dog-eat-dog world! The margin for error is small. Teams aren’t just passing up talent because of race! That is a laughable notion, considering that at least 2/3 of the league is black anyway! (It would be one thing if there weren’t many black guys in the league.) The bottom line is that NFL teams obviously do not think that TP has the “necessities” to be an NFL QB. I will say that guys like Lindley and Claussen probably know how to hold a clipboard, if you know what I mean… and that plays a large part in why ham and eggers like them are still around. Does TP know how to hold a clipboard (all that it entails)? Apparently not. Tarvaris Jackson up in SEA knows how to hold that clipboard, and he’s carved himself a 10+ year career doing so now. Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich knew how to, and they did likewise.


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