Terry Francona was less than pleased with Ron Kulpa last night

Top of the ninth. Two down. And here. we. go.

I guess 18 innings of scoreless baseball in one day and losing 7 of your last 10 games will do that to you. From Paul Hoynes’ on Cleveland.com:

“We had one out to go and he (Kulpa) was looking back at Ray (Raburn) and I just told him to let it go. Then he waved me off.

“If umpires want to be respected, they have to show respect back. I’ve been doing this too long to be treated like that. It’s not the way it’s supposed to work.”

Some other interesting quotes in there from Kip and Bourn. Those, on top of Brandon Moss saying he doesn’t blame people for thinking the Indians have no heart, have made it a pretty bleak Monday morning for Tribe fans. I’ll (unfortunately) get more into it tomorrow in my weekly recap but…just damn.



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