I guess exposing yourself is where the cops draw the line for the Eastlake Walmart


From Fox 8 Cleveland:

“EASTLAKE, Ohio- Police are looking for information after a man exposed himself inside the Walmart in Eastlake.

The incident happened at about 3:40 a.m. on Saturday. Police said the suspect left on foot so they believe he lives near the store.

The suspect has blond hair with a medium build, and is between 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 8.

Anyone with information should call the Eastlake Police Department at 440-951-1400.”

Yawn. Least shocking news of all time. Did you guys hear LeBron opted out of his contract too?

This is par for the course at the Eastlake Walmart. Place is downright terrifying. One of the few establishments in America where a non-drug-doing, non-weapon-wielding white male such as myself is in the minority by a landslide. Guarantee this wasn’t even the only guy to whip it out while browsing that night. His cousin was 100% helicoptering in front of the iPods like three aisles down.

And, as always, some intelligent comments courtesy of the Eastlake Police Department’s Facebook page:


One thought on “I guess exposing yourself is where the cops draw the line for the Eastlake Walmart”

  1. I think a little more thought for the victim needs to be shown in this article. If you’ve never been the victim of something like that, you wouldn’t understand how violated people feel. Plus there’s a reason for that type of behavior- it’s the police departments job to make sure this isn’t a sex offender who is looking to see what he can get away with before moving on to the next level of offense…think about it.


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