True Detective Reddit Recap: S2 E2 “Night Finds You”


Episode 1 – The Western Book of the Dead

Last night’s episode seems to be getting a fair share of heat on the interwebs, and I think it’s somewhat justified. From Frank’s failed attempt at a Rust Cohle monologue to kick things off until right before that final scene I was in-and-out of it mentally. That being said, I think I felt the exact same way two episodes into season 1 so I’m not pressing the panic button just yet but really it’s because I smashed it watching the Indians yesterday.

Let’s get this out of the way right now though: Ray Velcoro is very much not dead. On one hand, you’d think Pizzolatto would be above the classic “is a main character really dead” TV cliffhanger. On the other, there are plenty of photos from promos and trailers that show Ray in scenes we haven’t seen yet. Now those could be flashbacks or something, as we all know this show isn’t afraid to use multiple timelines. But there wasn’t any blood. This same episode showed a girl watching DP porn and a dead body who had his goodies blown off by a shotgun but they wouldn’t show Velcoro quite literally being blown to bits from about three feet away? I don’t think so, people. Those were rubber bullets or rock salt and meant to be some sort of warning (although I’m pretty sure they’d still do some serious damage from that close).

EDIT: Yeah he’s alive.

(/u/OutspokenHindude and @jonathanesal)

Other bits I learned thanks to Reddit:

  • The car they panned to right before Ray went inside the house was the same car that was transporting Caspere’s body in episode 1 (/u/lonesoldier4789)
  • Artwork in the (creepy ass) therapist’s office showed a human body with bird head similar to Ray’s shooter


  • Wall with animal masks hanging in the final scene was missing one (presumably the bird)


  • Lone Star sign in the bar 🙂


Reddit theories:

Is Paul gay / why was his mom so touchy-feely in the trailer?

EDIT: Similar and darker Paul theory

Crazy theory that Ani’s hippie dad was part of the Jonestown cult



Frank having his men beat up that guy then “saving him” –> Frank having his men assault Velcoro’s wife then “saving him”? One of his henchmen is a red head…


Until next week.

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