Kevin Love explained his decision to stay in Cleveland to The Players’ Tribune


“Last week I announced here that I was re-signing with the Cavaliers. Today, the deal is inked and I can officially say I’m going to stay a Cav.

Now that free agency is over, I get to focus on the game that I grew up loving. The same game I grew up watching on TV and playing in the driveway against my dad. I talked to my parents and other people that I trust about my plans and they all said basically the same thing: We just want you to be happy. And that was it for me because I just want to focus on basketball.

So that’s what I’m going to do, focus on basketball and get back on the court ready for the start of the season.

But before that, I wanted to break down some of my thoughts and expand on my announcement last week … starting with the gut-wrenching feeling I had watching the Warriors hoist the trophy after Game 6 of the Finals.

Check it out here:”

God DAMNIT I love this man. First he verbally commits to returning to Cleveland, then he gets naked for us, then he reaffirms his….love….for us the morning after one of the crazier sports plot lines in recent memory in the DeAndre Jordan saga. I will hereby refer to July as the Month of Love until his number zero jersey hangs from the rafters of Quicken Loans Arena.

Kevin’s just a different type of dude. He’s a chill Cali bro who doesn’t really play the media like most other superstars do. You can tell in post games when he’s talking with his head down in front of his locker, and even in this video when they pan to him picking his fingers. He’s just not that comfortable with the song and dance. But he sure does love the game of basketball. He lights up in this interview when he talks about it. Playing it, watching it, learning about it from his dad. He just wants to put all this business behind him and get back out on the court. That’s a guy I want on my squad seven days a week.

Their fans are just so great. They’re die hard. As we like to say, they’re “all in”. They love their athletes. They love their Cavaliers.”

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