Akron woman asks for a kiss, then robs 47-year-old man


From Cleveland.com:

“AKRON, Ohio — An Akron woman working with three masked gunmen distracted a 47-year-old man by asking for a kiss shortly before the group robbed him, according to police.

Katie Cozart, 20, is charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. She is expected to appear Monday in Akron Municipal Court.

Cozart was drinking with two men Aug. 24 at the the 47-year-old man’s apartment in the 1300 block of Goodyear Boulevard. A 65-year-old man left to buy cigarettes.

Cozart, who had been texting someone throughout the night, walked outside and asked the victim for a kiss.

The man went in for a kiss and the three robbers surrounded him. They demanded to know where he kept his money, according to police reports.

The gunmen forced the man and Cozart back into the apartment and ordered them to the ground. The trio stole the man’s PlayStation, cellphone and $100. They ransacked the apartment before driving off in a BMW, according to police reports.”

A woman will make a man do crazy things. Just look at that mugshot. Buzz, your girlfriend.

This weirdo definitely had it coming for having a 20-year-old over his house to drink, let alone leaning in for a peck. That’s for sure. But you always hate to see the PlayStation get involved. Take my eyes but not the PS4.

Overall, net loss for the criminals here. Little weird that the getaway car for this two-bit stickup was a beamer but it makes the end of the story SO much better:

“The 65-year-old man drove on South Goodkirk Street about 80 miles per hour in a 35 zone. He side-swiped two cars at the intersection of East Buchtel Avenue and hit a curb, launching the car into the air.

The car hit a tree in mid-air and flipped upside down, according to police reports. Both men were taken to Akron City Hospital.”


PS Tried to snoop this girl’s Facebook after I saw it mentioned in the comments section…couldn’t find it, but this picture popped up when I searched her and it’s weirdly accurate






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