(VIDEO) Kevin Love Talks Championship, Working Out In Utah, His Shoulder, And Paddleboarding

Hey Kev, how was Utah and training at 7,000 feet above sea level? Did you learn anything cool?

Kev: Yeah, watch this.

This video trailer comes via The Players Tribune and chronicles Kevin Love’s summer of training and rehabbing his shoulder. The full video gets released tomorrow (which we’ll post here as well) and seems like it’ll must-see TV.

Like I’ve said before, the things I find most interesting about sports are the behind the scenes stuff. I want to see the locker room speeches, hear the players mic’ed up on the sidelines, or see the players practicing or working out. The games are obviously the best part, but I’m particularly drawn to what happens when the games aren’t going on.

“Moving forward, I think everybody on our team 1-15, 1-14, 1-13… we feel like we have unfinished business and that’s to win a championship and hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy”

I just got irrationally excited for this Cavs season.

PS- Look at my man here repping 70s like it ain’t no thing. I see you, Kev.


PPS- Just ordered 5 cases of chocolate milk


UPDATE: Here’s Episode 2. Kevin goes hiking!


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