Chris Tabor Kept As Special Teams Coach, Is Leonardo DiCaprio In The Revenant


Chris Tabor. Chris motherfucking Tabor. The guy just won’t die. He’s a cockroach in a nuclear holocaust. He’s unkillable and unfireable.

Hired by Pat Shurmur, retained by Rob Chudzinski, retained by Mike Pettine… and now retained by Hue Jackson. Whatever Chris Tabor is doing I need to find out and start doing it myself.

He’s like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. He can get mauled by a bear, left for dead by his friends, attacked by Indians, maybe he’ll have to sleep inside of a horse or two… but he’ll always survive and he’ll ALWAYS be the Special Teams coach of the Browns. Doesn’t matter who’s coaching, Chris Tabor will always be in charge of punt formations and kickoff returns till the day we die. It’s commendable, really.

Now let’s get that left side of the line shored up so Travis Coons doesn’t have any more field goals blocked, eh?

ALSO- Once saw Tabor at the Hofbrauhaus downtown. He totally gets us.

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