Say Hello To The Bad Guy. Introducing The NBA’s “Dirtiest” Player

Via CBS Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova is a hard-nosed player that often sacrifices his body to make a play. This leads to times when Dellavedova may seem too aggressive.

Like in last season’s playoffs when Dellavedova fought for a loose ball with Kyle Korver and coincidentally ended up injuring the Hawks guard on the play. Or when in an earlier playoff series last year, Dellavedova locked legs with Taj Gibson, preventing the Bulls forward from getting up. Gibson was ejected from the game after he kicked Dellavedova while trying to get free. Then in the Finals, Dellavedova got involved in a brief war or words with David Lee that resulted in Stephen Curry coming to his teammate’s aid by pushing the Cavs guard.

With instances like this, it should come as no suprise that Dellavedova was named the dirtiest player in the NBA in a Los Angeles Times poll of coaches and players.

A total of 24 people were surveyed for the poll and Broderick Turner, who conducted it, doesn’t specify how many were players and how many were coaches. And although this is a small sample size, it shows that Dellavedova does have a bit of a reputation around the league.


Love it. Championship teams always have that guy that gets underneath the opponent’s skin. Dennis Rodman of the Bulls, Ron Artest on the Lakers, Draymond Green last season, DeShawn Stevenson of the Mavericks; All guys that played hard. You love them if they’re on you’re team and hate them if they’re on another team. Delly fits this mold perfectly. One of the most beloved Cavaliers for us and one of the most hated around the league.

That’s what happens when a good team has a guy that looks like this who plays hard and plays well:

He gets labeled as dirty because he dives for loose balls in the playoffs? If that’s considered “dirty” then I want every player on my team to play dirty. Every coach in the NBA would kill for their team to play “dirty” if that’s the definition.

Whatever, he’ll keep throwing Dirty Delly Oops and the Dirty Cavs (kind of has a nice ring to it) will keep steamrolling through the Eastern Conference till June.

ALSO- A whopping 24 people were polled? Awesome job, LA TImes. Way to have your pulse on the entire league and not just the 2 NBA franchises in your city.

ALSO x 2- You can buy that Cleveland NWO shirt here





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