Johnny Manziel Involved In Another Altercation With His Girlfriend. This Time In Texas

Atta boy, Johnny! Second domestic dispute since October. I think we’re beginning to see a pattern here with Mr. Football.

Do you know how easy it is to not get the cops called on you and your girlfriend? Johnny’s managed to do it twice in the past few months.

Jimmy Haslam said TWO DAYS AGO that he thinks the relationship between the Browns and Manziel is fixable and this is how Johnny responds. You have to try and be this dumb and be in the news cycle this much, it’s incredible.

February 8th is when the Browns can officially cut Manziel. Expect a farewell video by then too.

UPDATE: According to, police used a helicopter to search for Manziel after his altercation.

Via Mark David Smith of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth police have issued a statement indicating that a helicopter was used to search for Manziel following whatever it was that happened between him and a female on Saturday morning.

The report indicates that a “possible assault” occurred, but that the potential victim (who referred to Manziel as her ex-boyfriend) was not cooperative. The helicopter search apparently resulted from Manziel’s ex-girlfriend’s concerns for his well-being and an inability to locate him through “cell phone numbers associated with him.”


A helicopter to look for an NFL quarterback after an altercation with a woman? What is happening here.

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