This Criminal Is On The Run And Hanging Around Lakewood Bars Pretending To Be Vince Young

Via Fox 8

CLEVELAND – The U.S. Marshals are searching for Stephan Pittman, accused of theft and fraud.

Officials say Pittman is known to impersonate Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young while committing several crimes.

Marshals have been searching for Pittman for more than a year, as he has more than 14 cases against him where he pretended to be Young.  He was also convicted of rape in 2009 in Texas.

He is known to hang around bars in Lakewood, claiming to be Young.


Stephan Pittman:


Vince Young:

I mean… anyone with a smartphone and Google at their fingertips can clearly see that guy doesn’t resemble Vince Young at all. They’re both black. They’re both guys. Both kinda bald. Aside from that I just don’t see it.

Kind of a slap in the face to pretend to be one of the best college football players ever, huh? That guy DOES NOT look like someone who beat one of the best college football teams of all time (USC) by himself to win a National Championship (neither does the current version of Vince Young though).

Just ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. I’m assuming this guy has been hitting up the Lakewood bars (Around The Corner probably) and trying to get laid. I mean, who in their right mind goes around in bars telling people they’re Vince Young to get laid? Even Vince Young doesn’t tell girls he’s Vince Young to get laid.

If Pittman is smart he’ll go all in on the charade and start showing up to bars shirtless:


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