AUDIO: Tom Hamilton on MLB Network Radio


Here’s a link to the full interview on TribeVibe.

The full thing is just under 24 minutes long and is definitely worth the listen. If your baseball itch hadn’t fully returned with pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training earlier this week, get ready for some irritated skin after hearing Hammy’s sweet sweet vocals for the first time in 2016. He talks about his roots as an announcer, the profession in general, the Indians teams of the 90’s and a little about this upcoming season. The best parts are his comments on Terry Francona though. He says Tito is “55 going on 12 years old,” citing his playful relationship with former Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo, which we’re already very much aware of. He also kinda rips Boston pretty good for letting him go in the first place. But don’t take my word for it, take a listen for yourself.

PS Idk what the hell this is but here’s a video that was posted a couple weeks ago of Hammy driving around with Rizzo and talking about stuff




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