Terry Francona may or may not but definitely did flip Don Orsillo the bird last night


Was this just a hilariously timed coincidence? Maybe. But you better believe Tito knows exactly where all NESN cameras are in Fenway after his eight years there, and he was definitely giving SOMEONE the finger. I’m sure there was an NESN feed in the dugout or clubhouse, so someone probably told him Orsillo was talking shit and he figured the cameras would be on him. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I love this man.

I love him cause he’s a really good manager, cause he’s goofy and gives great soundbites, but most importantly he’s an absolute class act. Earlier this week, Boston manager (and former teammate and pitching coach for Tito) John Farrell announced he’d been diagnosed with Stage 1 lymphoma and would be taking a leave of absence for the remainder of the season as he begins treatment. Terry Francona and Brad Mills accompanied him to his first chemo session on Tuesday. That was followed by a typical Tito quote.

 “I told (Farrell) point blank, ‘Man, I’m not here as your friend.’ I said, ‘You owe me 20 dollars. If something happens to you, I want my 20 bucks,’” Francona, the ex-Sox and current Cleveland Indians manager, said.

Man. Say what you want about how this season has gone, but between this, Mike Aviles’ family situation and a few other things since he’s been in Cleveland, there’s absolutely no other guy I’d rather have managing my team.





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