The “Suck It Up, Lebron!” Lady From Yesterday’s Cavs-Thunder Game Is Apparently Worth $2.4 Billion

By now most of you have seen the clip of the lady in the front row of the Cavs-Thunder game yelling at LeBron to “Suck it up.”

So awesome. Usually when you see/hear people in the crowd talking shit to a player, you’d generally think of them to be some 25-35 year old guy who’s had one too many beers or is from Philly. Nope. This isn’t your typical fan who attends a sporting event. Her name (according to what the Internet says and what the Internet says is always true) is Judy Love. Judy is the founder of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores and according to Forbes is WORTH $2.4 BILLION DOLLARS.

I hated this lady at first but once I found out she was worth that much money I ended up loving her. There’s just something to be said about having $2.4 billion dollars and still showing out and talking trash at a sporting event. I’m sure our gal’s feistiness played a large part in making all of that money.

LeBron acknowledged her last night on Instagram:

I guess she told me!! Hahahaha #JustSuckItUpLeBron #NoMomo #Classic

A video posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Also, as Ben points out, she’s actually Pilot Flying J and Jimmy Haslam’s rival

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