Mishmash- Missile destroys ISIS car; Girl gets wisdom teeth out and thinks she’s Kylie Jenner; Bernie supporter cries

Cleveland pic of the day


Guy doesn’t shave for a year and creates a time lapse video


A missile destroys an ISIS car bomb before it does any damage


Bernie Sanders supporter cries on video because Trump supporters were mean to her. C’mon now, need tougher skin in 2016.


Cockatoo swears better than any human I know (starts at about 1:20)


Guy knocks out 2 people in a street fight in Austin. Great quality video


Heartwarming video as Kris Jenner gets mercilessly booed at an iheartradio concert


Minor league baseball team introduces some insane food options for this season

Timber Rattler food


Funny video- girl has her wisdom teeth removed and wakes up thinking she’s Kylie Jenner


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