Iman Shumpert Throwing His Sweaty Towel On Tyronn Lue Is One Of The More Disrespectful Things I’ve Seen

Now most of you who read this site/follow our Twitter account know that we like to joke around and have fun and usually don’t give a lot of “hot takes.” The Cavs are a really good basketball team and will probably win the East and make the NBA Finals.

But that right there? Maybe the most emasculating and disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen. I can usually spin something or make an excuse for someone no matter what it is. Throwing your sweaty towel on anyone is peak disrespect. Shit, it’s disrespectful to throw your towel at a towel boy. But throwing your sweaty towel at your coach in the middle of a game? What? And the fact that it’s Shump makes it even worse. The dude has had a horrible season thus far and isn’t even a starter. I’d maybe almost understand if this was someone in the Big 3. But Shump? Maybe he should start working on throwing passes instead of throwing towels (Hey-O!).

Just please beat the Nets tonight by like 40 so we can talk about other things. This preseason is exhausting.

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