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Video: Iman Shumpert Screams “Hodor” And “Hold The Door” After Every Shot During Warmups

Game of Thrones is without a doubt the hottest show on TV right now. This past Sunday night we saw some heartbreaking but inspiring heroism and that carried all the way over to Shump’s Wednesay night warmup. Every jumper he put up was followed by a bellowing “HOLD THE DOOOOOR!” And why not, Shump is a lot like our boy Hodor. They both have ONE JOB. If you watched the show you know what Hodor’s was (Hold the damn DOOR). Shump’s is “Play the Defense.” Would not surprise me at all if sometime between now and the Finals that Shump had some crazy seizure and woke up only able to say “Playdee….playdee….PLAYDEE….” ever again (obviously short for Play the Defense).  Might as well change his name now.  LeBron’s great grandson is going to Warg into his brain during game 6 and whisper the message that will drive him insane and leave him only capable of one destiny the rest of his life; playing great defense and locking down Russell Westbrook in June.  If you didn’t see this week’s episode or don’t watch the series you have no fucking clue what I’m talking about and you’re living your entire life wrong.

Hodor Hold the door elvator sticker meme


Video via Cleveland.com

Cavs-Hawks Highlight Reel (Hit Em High Mix)

– May 6, 2016 will officially be known as Channing Frye Day in Northeast Ohio from here on out

-Hope to see more Kevin Love and Channing Frye lineups down the road. I remember bitching late in the season about how we haven’t seen them on the court together. Maybe Lue was just saving it for the the playoffs when the Cavs needed a spark.

-Get my bang outs

-Will Tyronn Lue ever lose a playoff game? I’m beginning to think he won’t

– In these first 2 rounds I wanted the Cavs to face some sort of adversity to get ready for the ECF and Finals but the Pistons and Hawks stink soo

-The Hack a Tristan strategy may worry me down the road


-Al Horford’s dunk was a charge and the Kris Humphries “crossover” was a slip and I don’t want to hear otherwise

-It’s weird how much more likable this team is when the playoffs start.  The same thing that happened last year too

3-0 on to Atlanta

Kyrie Irving And Iman Shumpert Just Destroyed The Running Man Challenge


And times like these are when I realize I’m on the wrong side of Internet trends. I’m not really up on who started the Running Man Challenge (I think it was the Maryland basketball team) but I know the Internet has been going absolutely apeshit over this thing. Every day there’s a new video of a team or athlete doing it. I don’t have to see any others. This is the standard. Kyrie and Shump  dominated this thing and now everyone else is playing for second place.

Think Steph Curry could pull this off right now? Nope. Cavs in 6.

Best part- Kyrie ripping off that elbow pad like he’s about to give someone the People’s Elbow.


Funniest part- Delly being absolutely dumbfounded in the background.