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Cavs v Raptors Highlight Reel (Back To Back)


Easter Conference champs goin back to back

I don’t wanna hear about the Raptors ever again


Thank GOD for the NBA Phantom Cam

6 Year Old Cavs Fan Stars In A Playoff Hype Video And I Doubt Anyone Is Beating The Cavs Anymore

Get a booster seat and take your place at the table, little guy.

His name is Geo Kerechanin and he’s here to cheer on the Cavs, kick some ass, and steal all the women.

What an absolute God damn beast. I was a bit apprehensive before yesterday’s game but then I saw this little bro on the Twitter timeline and all my worries were gone.  Drake who? Jurassic Park who? Our superfan is twice the man you Canadians will ever be.

Dab on them folk


Pretty cool video too. It’s nice when dad has some computer skills and can put together an awesome hype video. May have to hire him to make a Bottlegate NBA Finals hype video (if the Cavs make it).

Between Geo and this dude yelling at Raptors coach Dwane Casey I don’t think any fanbase is stronger than us right now