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Cavs v Raptors Highlight Reel (Run This Town)

Just found out if I wait a little bit the NBA releases better clips to use so these Highlight Reels will continue to get better and better.

And I just noticed I didn’t trim the clip of the JR and Kyrie fatheads completely and I want to jump off a cliff.

Video: Cavs Players Give Tyronn Lue A Water Bottle Shower In The Locker Room After Breaking Record

I just wish this team got along and liked each other. I mean, even David Blatt is calling up Tyronn Lue and offering his support.

So Tyronn Lue (as a head coach) and Kevin Love still haven’t lost a playoff game yet? Is that good? Did they break it?

I’m ready for the Finals.

Cavs in 4. Again.


The face of a man who is about to get his cellphone ruined because the players he coaches are about to dump gallons of water on him


via Uninterrupted

Here’s The Cavs Eastern Conference Finals Intro Video


It kind of sucks that the Cavs production team will only be able to use this intro for 2 games but hey, that’ll give them more time to blow our minds once the Finals come around.

Obviously this is fantastic but I need a little more from my conference finals videos. I need drama, a building musical score, something that’ll give me goosebumps before tip off. This is good but I didn’t go from six to midnight like I should when watching conference finals intro videos.

Final Grade: 8.1 out of 10


If the Cavs want to bring back the “Put On” intro from 08-09, I’m all for it

The song still works in the present day too. Just sayin.