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Here’s The Cavs NBA Finals Pregame Intro Video

Not bad not bad

Father Stretch My Hands Pt 2 AND Panda? I’d love that if I was at FWD or Shooters, maybe not so much before an NBA Finals game.

Grade: 6.8/10. Need my Finals intro videos to be STRONG and this one just didn’t answer the call.


If they need a spark for the next video, I’m available

Here’s The Cavs Eastern Conference Finals Intro Video


It kind of sucks that the Cavs production team will only be able to use this intro for 2 games but hey, that’ll give them more time to blow our minds once the Finals come around.

Obviously this is fantastic but I need a little more from my conference finals videos. I need drama, a building musical score, something that’ll give me goosebumps before tip off. This is good but I didn’t go from six to midnight like I should when watching conference finals intro videos.

Final Grade: 8.1 out of 10


If the Cavs want to bring back the “Put On” intro from 08-09, I’m all for it

The song still works in the present day too. Just sayin.


The Cavs New Playoff Intro Is Fire (Plus Some Other Game 1 Thoughts)

Knew we could count on the Cavs video team to bust out a fire new intro video for this playoff run. Would have let the “It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day” build a little more in the beginning but beggars can’t be choosers.

This view from the Flats East Bank is pretty sweet too.


A couple quick thoughts about the game:

-A win is a win is a win. Thought this was Detroit’s best choice to steal a game and the Cavs were able to withstand their hot shooting. Don’t care how they do it or what the final score is, just win, baby.

-Did not expect to see so much Richard Jefferson in the 4th quarter. Also, can we get a little Channing Frye in the rotation?

-Reggie Jackson makes me lol. Cavs fans have acquired their target for game 2.

-It was nice to see that Marcus Morris finally realized he was Marcus Morris and came back to Earth in the second half

-This play made it move

-Not bad, Big 3. Not bad.


1-0 we’re on to the Pistons