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Cavs-Hawks Highlight Reel (Hit Em High Mix)

– May 6, 2016 will officially be known as Channing Frye Day in Northeast Ohio from here on out

-Hope to see more Kevin Love and Channing Frye lineups down the road. I remember bitching late in the season about how we haven’t seen them on the court together. Maybe Lue was just saving it for the the playoffs when the Cavs needed a spark.

-Get my bang outs

-Will Tyronn Lue ever lose a playoff game? I’m beginning to think he won’t

– In these first 2 rounds I wanted the Cavs to face some sort of adversity to get ready for the ECF and Finals but the Pistons and Hawks stink soo

-The Hack a Tristan strategy may worry me down the road


-Al Horford’s dunk was a charge and the Kris Humphries “crossover” was a slip and I don’t want to hear otherwise

-It’s weird how much more likable this team is when the playoffs start.  The same thing that happened last year too

3-0 on to Atlanta

Cavs-Hawks Highlight Reel (Forbes Mix)

Couple quick thoughts

– I’m over the Hawks. I was over them before this series even started. They’re boring. They whine. They shouldn’t even be on the same court as the Cavs right now. The Cavs are so far in Atlanta’s heads right now they should be paying rent.

– 25 three pointers? The Cavs are literally the best shooting playoff basketball team of all time. Golden State who?

– When do we start talking about the Heat? That’s a series I can get excited for.

– God bless JR Smith.

– Aside from the Cavs shooting, did anyone notice that ball movement? IF that keeps up, I don’t see this team losing a game until the NBA Finals, I really don’t.

– I still want to see a Cavs pull out a win when they’re not dropping 20+ threes a game.

– What’s it like to lose a playoff game in 2016? Wake me up when this series is over.

LeBron Gives Kent Bazemore A Forearm Shiver From Hell Because He’s A Chump

gif via this NBA Reddit thread

Yep. That’ll do. That right there was 100% an intentional forearm shiver from LeBron on Kent Bazemore. I don’t really like this move, I actually LOVE it. If you remember, Bazemore flapped his gums all throughout the Eastern Conference Finals last season only to be swept 4-0. Oh, and there was also that thing when people dug up some old tweets where Bazemore called LeBron a “pussy” and “lil blow job”

You come at the king you best not miss.

It’s only game 1 of the preseason and we’ve already got JR Smith taking swings at Al Horford and LeBron giving Kent Bazemore a forearm shiver. I like the toughness and the message it sends even if it is a tad bit uncalled for when the games don’t even count.

JK, if Bazemore is undercutting the best player in the world in a preseason game then someone on the Cavs needs to knock him the F out no questions asked.

Pretty shocked Delly didn’t get tangled up with anyone.

PS- If the main rivalry this season (besides D-Fish and Matt Barnes) is LeBron and Kent fucking Bazemore then I just cannot support the NBA this year. That’s the biggest talent disparity I’ve seen since that redhead with the bombs and the snozzberries dude from Super Troopers got married.