Cavs-Hawks Highlight Reel (Forbes Mix)

Couple quick thoughts

– I’m over the Hawks. I was over them before this series even started. They’re boring. They whine. They shouldn’t even be on the same court as the Cavs right now. The Cavs are so far in Atlanta’s heads right now they should be paying rent.

– 25 three pointers? The Cavs are literally the best shooting playoff basketball team of all time. Golden State who?

– When do we start talking about the Heat? That’s a series I can get excited for.

– God bless JR Smith.

– Aside from the Cavs shooting, did anyone notice that ball movement? IF that keeps up, I don’t see this team losing a game until the NBA Finals, I really don’t.

– I still want to see a Cavs pull out a win when they’re not dropping 20+ threes a game.

– What’s it like to lose a playoff game in 2016? Wake me up when this series is over.

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