The Hawks took their historical loss last night like real pros


“CLEVELAND, Ohio – A few of the Atlanta Hawks players spoke to after Wednesday’s 123-98 rout by the Cleveland Cavaliers and voiced their objection with the way the Cavaliers went about breaking the three-point record.

“It’s a certain way of being a professional,” Paul Millsap said to “I’m not mad about it, but just being professionals man. If that’s how you want to approach it, that’s how you approach it. I think our team and our organization has class and I don’t think we would have continued to do that, but other organizations do other things so what can you do about it?”

Al Horford echoed his frontcourt mate’s sentiments.

“We probably wouldn’t do anything like that [if we were in that position],” he told “…It’s hard to say, but I would say no.”

Kent Bazemore implied that what goes around, comes around.

“I’m a firm believer in karma,” the small forward relayed to “Maybe we’ll be the team to break that record soon. Everyone knows how they play. They get out in front and they’re a totally different team. It is what it is. We’ll see them again. That wasn’t Game 4. That was only Game 2. They still have to beat us two more times before they can really celebrate anything.””

Hey Paul, Al and Kent. So you don’t want a team to make a record number of three pointers against you is what you’re saying. I get that. If only there was something you could do, collectively as a unit, to try and prevent a shot from your opponent from going through the hoop.

Oooooh ooh oh! Maybe try and mix in a little defense every now and again? Just spitballing here, probably way off base, just the first thing that popped in my head.

Now I’m no basketball czar, but I’m guessing if you baby birds didn’t let us shoot 8 of 12 from deep in the first, we wouldn’t have ended up heaving close to 50 before the final buzzer.

And even then, after that first quarter, you still had three other 12-minute chunks of time to try some new things like putting hands in people’s faces.

This is the NBA playoffs, not a CYO league. The #1 seed in your conference isn’t going to stop shooting threes when they have a chance to set an NBA record and their opponent continues to let them. Sorry buddies.

“I think our team and our organization has class and I don’t think we would have continued to do that,” – Paul Millsap

The team and organization that held a promotional night completely centered around an app whose sole function is to help drunk people find other drunk people willing to bang them? Twice? Is that the organization you’re referring to, Paulie?

All we did was hit a shit ton of three pointers. You guys are facilitating sex out of wedlock. Classy.

Gameplan: let LeBron shoot, don’t let JR shoot.

LeBron makes 4 of 6 from deep, JR makes 7 of 13.

Hawks – “They shouldn’t do that!”

Bye bye birdies.

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