LeBron Gives Kent Bazemore A Forearm Shiver From Hell Because He’s A Chump

gif via this NBA Reddit thread

Yep. That’ll do. That right there was 100% an intentional forearm shiver from LeBron on Kent Bazemore. I don’t really like this move, I actually LOVE it. If you remember, Bazemore flapped his gums all throughout the Eastern Conference Finals last season only to be swept 4-0. Oh, and there was also that thing when people dug up some old tweets where Bazemore called LeBron a “pussy” and “lil blow job”

You come at the king you best not miss.

It’s only game 1 of the preseason and we’ve already got JR Smith taking swings at Al Horford and LeBron giving Kent Bazemore a forearm shiver. I like the toughness and the message it sends even if it is a tad bit uncalled for when the games don’t even count.

JK, if Bazemore is undercutting the best player in the world in a preseason game then someone on the Cavs needs to knock him the F out no questions asked.

Pretty shocked Delly didn’t get tangled up with anyone.

PS- If the main rivalry this season (besides D-Fish and Matt Barnes) is LeBron and Kent fucking Bazemore then I just cannot support the NBA this year. That’s the biggest talent disparity I’ve seen since that redhead with the bombs and the snozzberries dude from Super Troopers got married.


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