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LeBron Gives Kent Bazemore A Forearm Shiver From Hell Because He’s A Chump

gif via this NBA Reddit thread

Yep. That’ll do. That right there was 100% an intentional forearm shiver from LeBron on Kent Bazemore. I don’t really like this move, I actually LOVE it. If you remember, Bazemore flapped his gums all throughout the Eastern Conference Finals last season only to be swept 4-0. Oh, and there was also that thing when people dug up some old tweets where Bazemore called LeBron a “pussy” and “lil blow job”

You come at the king you best not miss.

It’s only game 1 of the preseason and we’ve already got JR Smith taking swings at Al Horford and LeBron giving Kent Bazemore a forearm shiver. I like the toughness and the message it sends even if it is a tad bit uncalled for when the games don’t even count.

JK, if Bazemore is undercutting the best player in the world in a preseason game then someone on the Cavs needs to knock him the F out no questions asked.

Pretty shocked Delly didn’t get tangled up with anyone.

PS- If the main rivalry this season (besides D-Fish and Matt Barnes) is LeBron and Kent fucking Bazemore then I just cannot support the NBA this year. That’s the biggest talent disparity I’ve seen since that redhead with the bombs and the snozzberries dude from Super Troopers got married.


Hawks SG Kent Bazemore called LeBron a “pussy” and “lil blow job” in old tweets


Some brave souls on Twitter dug these tweets up from Hawks SG Kent Bazemore’s twitter account five years ago. It seems they were tweeted at the height of LeBron’s “villain years” while he was on the Heat. Yikes.

K-Baze here isn’t exactly having the best 24 hours. First he declares the Hawks a better team than the Cavs after they got worked in the first 2 games, then he gets tweets from 5 years ago dug up asking if “LeBron was gay,” calling him a “pussy,” and knighting him with the nickname “lil blow job.”

This is a great thing for LeBron and the Cavs. With the series looking all but over it’ll provide some manufactured motivation for games 3 and 4. If the Cavs and LeBron were feeling any sort of complacency (I doubt they were) this’ll light a fire under their ass.

Huge thanks to Scott from waitingfornextyear.com for sending the screenshots over. Go read them. They’re the OGs of the Cleveland blog scene and put out fantastic stuff.


PS- If we’re being honest, these tweets from Bazemore here are pretty G-rated compared to the tweets I sent about LeBron from 2010-2013.